NCEG's Mission

We exist to reimagine the American music industry.
The National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG) is a platform designed to incubate the next generation of global talent by providing a safe place for professional development.

Every success story, and every dollar donated, puts us one step closer to our goal of launching a national scholarship program for aspiring music entrepreneurs.

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How we started

NCEG began as a single group of college students.
Together, with a shared passion for music, we created a system for pursuing success in the music industry while in college.

Beginning in 2013, as the organization formally known as "Panther Entertainment Group", NCEG started on the campus of Georgia State University with the objective of training students via hands-on experience. Our members learn about marketing, branding, artist development, audio production, and various other facets of the music industry, by creating content and performing for their peers.

Our Story

The stories behind
the organization

10 years of research has resulted in an ever-expanding network of up-and-coming talent on both sides of the industry equation.

Here are a few highlights from our members & alumni:

Our timeline

Follow the complete story of our movement.
Starting with a single campus in 2013, to today...

Fall 2013

Panther Entertainment Group: the foundation

Students from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA meet to discuss their challenges in navigating the music industry as young professionals.


The original hypothesis...

"PEG" members begin experimenting with various strategies for finding and developing talent on campus.

Fall 2015

The certified entertainer program is launched

"PEG" original roster of artists is formed and begins operations on campus to test market feedback.

Fall 2017

Our first campus residency

NCEG is welcomed into the Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) of Georgia State University to help facilitate a community for music entrepreneurship & innovation on campus.

NCEG students host first-ever college A3C Music Festival stage, sponsored by Squarespace.

Fall 2019

Completion of the NCEG program curriculum

Founder, Derek Jackson, publishes "NCEG: The Manual"; a complete guide to starting an NCEG chapter on any college campus.

Fall 2022

The End Game

NCEG expands to 5 campuses in the Metro Atlanta area and launches "MOGULS"; a college music competition.

The team